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Growing up, beauty was not only an artistic outlet for me, but a medium for self-discovery and individual expression. I remember my mom taking me to a small local beauty supply store and feeling like it was Disney Land. At just a few feet tall, the rows of makeup-laden shelves ascended beyond my eye-level and I was absolutely mesmerized watching women of all ages, ethnicities, and sizes and their eyes widen as they chose the seemingly perfect lipstick shade for them. It was in that very moment that I realized the incredible power of beauty and its ability to transform how people feel.

As a biracial Southeast Asian kid who was raised in a predominantly Caucasian community in the South, no one I knew or saw really looked like me. I spent much of my youth striving for the Western ideal of beauty to feel accepted –– experimenting with new hair colors and eyeliner looks to make eyes appear bigger. Funny enough, beauty’s the one thing that taught me to finally love my dark hair, tan skin, and almond shaped eyes. Now a 20 something, I still experiment with new looks all the time –– but, today, it’s for the only reason I believe beauty should exist: to have FUN!

In October of 2018, I sold (and Marie Kondo’d) most of my belongings and, essentially, packed up my whole life in North Carolina to pursue my dream role as a beauty editor in my favorite city in the entire world –– New York City. I’m currently contributing to a few print and media outlets, including Beauty Independent, and have a recurring seasonal print beauty column with Triangle Style Magazine. I also consult for indie beauty brands and businesses.

As a former misfit who spent many adolescent nights mastering my grungy smokey eyes and experimenting with neon green eye liner, the world of beauty isn’t just my passion. It’s who I am. My personal mission, as a writer, is to provide a fresh new lens to beauty, share the voices and experiences of outcasts, rebels and dreamers, and to be a champion for diversity and inclusivity.

Wanna say hi or work with me? You can reach me at kimberlyarnold1218@gmail.com.